Fancy Footwork Designs was born when I discovered my love of jewellery making. Since high school, I had believed that a career in science was what I wanted to do with my life. It was after I had earned a university degree in biology that I fell in love with making jewellery. I love taking an idea, sketching it out, and using my own skills to bring that piece to life. Some pieces get left in my sketch book, until my skills catch up to what I can imagine, but that’s part of my creative process, too.

My jewellery adventure began in 2012 with chainmaille. This year, as my own skills progressed, I moved into working with silver and found that my pieces were becoming more whimsical.

With every piece I create, I have three main goals:

1. The piece must be wearable. In my mind, jewellery is something that should be enjoyable, and comfortable to wear.

2. The piece must be pleasing to the eye. I know that tastes differ, and not everything will appeal to everyone. However, if I wouldn’t wear it, it doesn’t get made. End of story.

3. The piece must be functional, ie. it has to be wearable. Some piecescompliment a formal look, some are great to wear to work, some are wonderful casual wear, and some just work anywhere.

Look for me online and at craft fairs throughout the year.  A full list of craft fairs can be found on my Upcoming Events page.  News and updates get posted to Fancy Footwork Designs's Facebook page, found here.